Top 10 Christmas Gift Games

October 20, 2022 0 Comments

Putting together this list, I was struck by the range of really, really good games that came out this year. It can be hard, navigating the wide range of games available so I thought I’d try to narrow it down. To be eligible, the game either has to be relatively new (i.e. released in 2007 or late 2007) or a reprint and improvement of an old game. Also, the game should have a high degree of ‘buzz’ and be available in stores.

On that note, here’s our list:

(1) Settlers of Catan 2007 Edition

Releasing in November, the new 2007 edition of Settlers of Catan is arriving with new artwork, new upgraded components and the same old rules. This is the gateway game and with the new edition, is a definite must for those who need to be introduced to the world of board games.

(2) Talisman 4th Edition

Another reprint, Talisman has a major cult following and the 4th Edition release has been met with some major cheering. Keeping many of the same rules as the original but streamlining the game somewhat, the new edition has also new artwork included. A definite must have for those with fond memories of the original game.

(3) 1960: The Making of a President

1960: The Making of a President is a true political game based around what could be the most important election for the USA in the 20th century – John. F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. In this astoundingly well received game, players take on the roles of either protagonist, vying for election as the President of the United States of America.

(4) Stonehenge

5 board games in one box. Stonehenge is the first of a new group of games – an Anthology game where 5 award winning designers work together using the same pieces and board to create 5 unique games. This is just a gift that keeps on giving.

(5) Zooloretto

Spiel des Jahres Game of the Year. Games Magazine Family Games Nominee for 2007. Fifth place winner for the Deutscher Spiel Pries. This great game is fun, fast and entirely family friendly. All you have to do is build up your zoo in this game, collecting rare animals and their children. Just be careful not to overcrowd them or else you’ll lose points.

(6) Khronos

Who isn’t intrigued by Time Travel? One of the best received games at Essen – the largest board game convention in the world – Khronos tackles this difficult subject matter for a board game and comes up smelling of roses. An intriguing game fought over three¬†UFABET Ages, players build and try to control the flow of time, with actions in one age affecting other ages.

(6) If Wishes Were Fishes

A true family game, If Wishes Were Fishes is a great game of business risk and reward. Players take on the role of fishermen in a magical lake, balancing the size of the fish they catch with the space they have in their boat and the wishes the fish can grant. A fun game for the whole family, it is also Games Magazines Best Family Game for 2008.

(7) Shear Panic!

If nothing more than for the sheer cute factor in Shear Panic! you’ll have to get this game as a gift. Beautifully crafted sheep that will bring a smile to anyone’s face are combined with a great strategy game where players try to manoeuvre their sheep and the flock to avoid those scary shears! A definite winner, even for non-gamers and also Games Magazines’ Best Family Strategy Game for 2008

(8) Age of Empires III : the Age of Discovery

This is the game for all those computer gamers out there who are yet to be converted. Age of Empires III is the board game of the best selling PC game and they’ve obviously done a great job – it’s the International Gamers 2007 Winner. A great gift for advanced board gamers and for fans of the original PC game.

(9) Shogun

A rethemed edition of the classic Wallenstein game, Shogun / Wallenstein has received a host of awards and nominations including GAMES Magazine Best Advanced Strategy Nominee 2008, International Gamers Awards Best Strategy Game Nominee (special award) 2003, GAMES Magazine Best Advanced Strategy Game Runner-Up 2003. Taking on the role of Daimyo in feudal Japan, players must take over control of counties, building, collecting resources and finally battling in the much discussed ‘Combat Tower’. A very highly praised game that takes an interesting twist to old rules.